Small Fees Add Up!

If you have $150,000 in your account and are adding $5,000 a year the difference between earning 5% and 6% is over $100,000 in twenty years!

Frame this difference in the context of your company's retirement plan and the difference might be measured in millions, not thousands!   

Crest Financial LLC:Your Guide through the Retirement Plan waters

My ETF 401(k) Begins with:


  • A Low Cost Diversified Menu of Investments
  • A Clear Explanation of What Your Plan is paying For
  • A Custom Package of Services Designed for Your Plan
  • An Experienced Professional there to help you and your team

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Clear Fees. Clear Services.  Clearly Different.

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welcome to My ETF 401(k)!

Your company's retirement might be your most important employee benefit!

With people spending up to a third of their lives in retirement you need your retirement investments to last, but is there a hole in your plan slowly draining wealth from you and your employees?

Investment fees matter and this is why the Department of Labor required the disclosure of retirement plan fees beginning in 2012.  What are you really paying?  As important what services are you really getting for your money?

With My ETF 401(k) you may be able to pay dramatically less for your company's retirement plan.  Maybe more than 70%!  Not only can you save money, but you can design a service plan for your 401(k) and only pay for what your plan needs!

Clear Fees.  Clear Services.  Clearly Different.